Intellectual property is an asset: Buy it, Sell it, Protect it.

At Markets, Patents & Alliances, we help your organization succeed by putting patents in their place, which, contrary to popular belief, is not inside a locked vault, but right out in front your business.

We pay particular attention to the exact nature of the protection you need and when you need it. We craft patent applications that are deep in their technical content, targeted in what they cover, and in-sync with both your business goals and budget constraints. We then negotiate on your behalf with the patent office to help you get the patents you need, when you need them.

We also understand that a successful patent strategy often includes not only getting your own patents, but acquiring rights to other people’s patents as well. We have decades of experience licensing intellectual property. With our combined technical expertise, business acumen, and personal experience managing and commercializing $100 million dollar inventions, we know how to quickly and effectively identify and acquire the third party patented technologies you need to succeed.

Whether you are a start-up company or manage the start-up division of a Fortune® 500 corporation, if you need the full attention of patent experts and experienced innovators, then Markets, Patents & Alliances is your perfect choice.

Patent Agent Services

Mark Nowotarski, the principal at Markets, Patents & Alliances, is a registered U.S. Patent Agent. He is also the named inventor on over 17 patents and has managed the development and commercial introduction of numerous commercially successful innovations. As an inventor, technology manager and patent agent, Mark understands the patent process from all sides of the desk.

Markets, Patents & Alliances can deliver all of the services you need to get a patent. No separate law firm is required. These services include:

  • Preparing and filing both U.S. and international patent applications.
  • Preparing and filing low cost Provisional Patent applications.
  • Perform “Prior Art” searches to make sure you can take full advantage of what others have already patented.
  • Negotiate with the U.S. Patent Office to get your patent allowed.

If you already have a law firm we can provide the following services to help increase your chances of success.

  • Technical support for your attorney in the field of financial services. Most patent attorneys have little or no background in financial services. By law, their training is in the natural sciences. As experts in financial services, we help them climb the learning curve faster so they can serve you better.
  • Identification of important aspects of your invention that may be missing from your draft patent application. Patent attorneys generally rely on inventors to say what their invention is. As inventors ourselves, we help you identify important aspects of your invention that may have been initially overlooked.
  • An independent resource on patent strategy. There is a lot about patents that is counter intuitive. As former technology managers in a variety of industries, we can help you develop a sound patent strategy appropriate for your particular industry.

Licensing Services

Once you get a patent, how do you monetize it? Research shows that only a small percentage of issued patents produce a profit for their holders. At Markets, Patents & Alliances we help increase the odds in your favor with our licensing services. Whether it’s licensing your patents out to a third party for commercialization or, alternatively, getting license to a third party’s patents in order to accelerate your own product commercialization efforts, we have the patent knowledge, technical expertise and business experience to help make your deals fruitful for all parties involved. Our patent out licensing service includes:

  • Aggressive searches for potential licensees.
  • Negotiating business licensing terms
  • Marketing studies to determine the potential value of your invention for your target customers.

Patent Troll Preemption

The “Patent Trolls” are stalking your company even as you read this. Patent trolls are organizations that make their money by charging license fees to companies that have been using their patented technologies for years, and never knew they were patented. The only thing trolls are interested in is money and if you don’t pay, you get sued.

Ronald A. Katz, DataTreasury, and Jerome Lemelson are just a few of the more notorious trolls out there.

We offer “Patent Troll Preemption” services to reduce the future risk of trolls disrupting your business. These services include:

  • Patent watch to find pending patent applications that could disrupt your business if they ever issue as patents.
  • Negotiation of purchase or licensing terms with the current patent owners.
  • Securing interim funding, if necessary, so that you can buy these patents now, when they are cheap, instead of later, when they are not.