Seeds of Economic Recovery are Found in
Social Media Patents.

Mark Nowotarski, patent expert, explains how patents on Social Media inventions are leading to the creation of new companies and new jobs.

We Understand the Business of Innovation

Here at Markets, Patents & Alliances we understand that innovation is what drives your company’s success. In fact, intellectual property-in the form of new technology, innovative business methods, or ground-breaking financial instruments-may very well be your company’s most valuable asset.

We can help you in two ways. First: to protect your intellectual property. Second: to increase the value of your patent portfolio. To achieve those ends, Markets, Patents & Alliances provides patent agent services and innovation consulting to clients in the insurance, financial services, medical products and manufacturing industries. For more information, contact us by email, or call 203-975-7678.


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Patents are designed to protect your ideas while you build your team, build your product, and build your company.
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